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Jill Gregory School of Dancing, 
Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 3FN
Approved GQAL/BTDA Examination Centre
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What  pupils should wear until Grade 5

(See below for Adults)

Whilst we would like new pupils to wear the School Uniform as soon as they have settled in, it is not essential to buy it straight away.  In the first few weeks, whilst getting used to classes, pupils may wear any leotard, tights, cycle shorts, leggings, tight fitting t-shirt, bathing costume.  But please don’t bring children in trousers, skirts, tutus or anything which is baggy.  For Grade 2 and above, please check Members Page or Notice boards

Please note that jewellery  can cause injury, so please do not allow children to wear it for lessons.

What to wear for Adult Classes

Adult Tap - Comfortable trousers which only reach the ankles and not over the shoes - preferably stretchy - and a comfortable top.  Skirts are also OK, but long or tight skirts prevent freedom of movement. It is recommended that you borrow shoes, if we have any to fit, until you see if you like the class.  Avoid cuban heels and canvas tap shoes.  Oxford/Jazz taps are best - we recommend Bloch or Capezio.  

Ladies Beginners Ballet - Joggers (not baggy or drop crotch), leggings, crop trousers and a close fitting top.  Leather or canvas ballet shoes with split sole and crossed elastic.  You can dance barefoot or in socks at first.  Hair should be tied back, with no hair falling onto the face.  

Adult Advanced Ballet - As experienced dancers you will know that it is best to dance in tight leotards and tights, but after a long break from dancing, you may feel more comfortable to wear joggers or tops over these, or something else streamlined.  Leather ballet shoes with split sole and crossed elastic.

Uniform for Lessons

Uniform for Exams

Pony tail, pigtails, plaits are acceptable for class, but if two plaits, please fasten both together at the back.  If a fringe is cut to above the eyebrows, this is OK for class, but any hair which falls onto the face must be fastened back


Untidy hair causes fidgeting and causes bad posture and involuntary movements.

In bun or plaits wound round head, or in net if it is too short for buns and plaits. Fringes and wisps of  hair must be fastened off the face using invisible grips and hair spray/gel/mousse

Purple ruched/gathered front sleeveless leotard by Tappers and Pointers available from HARDINGS DANCEWEAR


Please note that leotards should be tight fitting

As for lessons

Black lycra footless tights or white ballet tights or plain ankle socks


White ballet tights for ballet

Black lycra footless tights and black ankle socks for Tap and Modern Jazz

Bare legs for Acrobatics

Pink leather with 1 strip of elastic until Grade 1.  Split soles with crossed elastic from Grade 2.  Please ensure that it grips the foot


Ballet shoes should be well fitting.  Shoes which are too large can cause problems with feet and cause loss of marks in exams

As for lessons, but please ensure they are clean and in good condition

Bloch Tap PU low heel tap shoes with heel taps.  NOT canvas - also avoid pointed toes, small taps, plastic soles


Tap shoes which are too big make it difficult to bend shoes and use the feet correctly

As for lessons

Ballet shoes for Prep and Primary,

Black SPLIT SOLE Jazz shoes from Grade 1


Bare Feet for Prep and Primary

Black SPLIT SOLE Jazz shoes from Grade 1

Bare feet


Bare Feet

Crossover ballet cardigans may be worn when the weather is cold, cotton is best


Marks are lost for visible underwear, so remove it if it cannot be hidden

No other items of clothing may be worn for classes - i.e. no leg warmers, no t-shirts, no hoodies, no sweatshirts, no trousers, no skirts, no tutus etc.

Jewellery, tattoos, nail varnish must not be worn.