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Jill Gregory School of Dancing, 
Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 3FN
Approved GQAL/BTDA Examination Centre
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Children’s Classes

Introduction to Dance (from age 3)

Includes basic ballet, mime, character work, simple exercises working towards modern jazz dance and acrobatic dance, rhythm work leading towards tap and modern jazz dance.


Pupils progress to the ballet class from the Introduction to Dance class, although some older children may be moved into the ballet group soon after joining, or immediately, at our discretion.

Tap (from age 6)

Ideally, we prefer to see how children are in the Introduction to dance class before moving on to tap.  Pupils already attending may start earlier.

Singing (from age 4)

Open to all including non- dancers, these lessons will work on vocal production performance and technique.

Modern Jazz Dance and Acrobatics

Only available to dancers who have reached a suitable standard in ballet

Adult Classes


Beginners and various other levels.


Beginners and Advanced for Ladies

Not a beginner?

Please give details of  past experience when enquiring - subjects studied, length of time, any exams taken, age at the time.  This way we can work out which group would be most suitable for you.

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