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Not sure which class is suitable for you?

Please give details of  past experience when enquiring - steps familiar with, subjects studied, length of time, any exams taken, age at the time (if you had danced as child/teenager).  This way we can work out which group would be most suitable for you.

Adult Classes

Ladies Ballet Classes

Beginners/Some experience

(Also suitable for more experienced dancers wanting to get back into Ballet after a long break)


(Dancers with good understanding of technique and knowledge, who have been trained to above Grade 5 level)

Adult Tap Classes

Several Years Experience


(Dancers with good understanding of technique and knowledge, with an ability to learn complex and energetic choreography.

For Beginners Adult Tap, contact Elevation Dance

What to wear for Ballet

It is recommended that for Intermediate and Advanced classes, students wear leotard and tights or leggings, although most don’t.  However, for beginners classes, leggings and a top which does not gape around the arms or neck is fine.

It is also recommended that hair is tied back with no hair falling over the eyes.

Split sole leather ballet shoes with crossed elastic straps are recommended.

Advanced dancers may do pointe work if they wish, but most choose not to.

What to wear for Tap

Any trousers, leggings, joggers, shorts are best for Tap classes.  Skirts and dresses are not recommended as these can restrict movement.  Also, long or flared trousers can also hinder movement, and can be damaged if they get caught on shoes.  Any comfortable top is fine.

Black low heeled full lace up Oxford Tap shoes commended.  Split soles are also fine, as long as the dancer has strong feet.  Usually, those who buy cheap shoes change to the above for comfort and better sounds


Members of the Advanced Adult Ballet Class and all Tap Classes may have an opportunity to dance in the show if they wish to.

Why Ballet?

Why Tap?